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2005.3        Company formation in Greater Vancouver, Canada

2006.11      Completion of the development of pet milk replacers; test shipment

2007.1        Completion of the development of aquarium digital thermometers, test shipment

2007.2        Commercialization of the aquarium digital thermometer products

2007.3        Commercialization of the pet milk replacers

2007.5        Acquisition of import license from Japanese government for medical ingredients made  

                   in GMP facilities in China

2008.11      Run a booth at the 12th China International Pet Show (CIPS’08)

2009.11      Run a booth at the 13rd China International Pet Show (CIPS’09)

2010.10-11   Run a booth at the 14th China International Pet Show (CIPS’10)

2011.3        Commercialization of the Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for pets (reptiles)

2011.4        Commercialization of the canned pet food

2011.11      Run a booth at the 15th China International Pet Show (CIPS’11)

2012.2        Commercialization of the aquarium digital thermometers (hook type)

2012.9        Run a booth at National Pet Industry Trade Show, Canada

2012.11      Run a booth at the 16th China International Pet Show (CIPS’12)

2013.5-6    Run a booth at the AQUARAMA 2013, Singapore

2014.11      Run a booth at the 18th China International Pet Show (CIPS’14)

2015.11      Run a booth at the 19th China International Pet Show (CIPS’15)

2016.11      Run a booth at the 20th China International Pet Show (CIPS’16)

Company History

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