4-storey Small Animal Cage CD704

Size (dimension):

Approx. 79.0 (W) x 52.0 (D) x 137.9 (H) (incl. the caster) cm

Activity space: Approx. 79.0 (W) x 52.0 (D) x 104.0 (H) cm



NTWT approx. 19.3 kg


Metal and plastic


Made in China

Estimated time required for assembly:

Approx. 30 minutes (when done by two persons).


1) An ample 4-storey small animal cage with access ramps.

2) Sturdy, durable and rust-resistant. The tough frame and good joint offer you peace of mind.

3) Equipped with legs, the cage protects the pet from cold air and stressful vibration/sound. 

4) With a height enough for small animals such as chinchilla and ferret, which love to move up and down.

5) Easy maintenance and no mess! A tray is equipped to collect feces and dropped food through the wire grating.

6) With two doors on the upper and lower front net to offer easy in/out access.

7) Equipped with casters, movement is comfortable.

8) A wire storage shelf is included for storing the rearing goods conveniently.

9) Can also be divided to two separate cages by blocking the hole between the 2nd and 3rd-storey.


1 Front leg parts (with bottom tray stopper)

1 Back leg parts

2 Back wire nets (mesh size: approx. 2.0x10.5 cm)

4 Side wire nets (mesh size: approx. 2.0x10.5 cm)

2 Front wire nets (with a door) (mesh size: approx. 2.0x10.5 cm)

1 Roof wire net (with a door) (mesh size: approx. 2.0x10.5 cm)

1 3rd-storey floor wire net

1 Bottom wire net (mesh size: approx. 1.3x15.2 cm)

1 Wire storage shelf (mesh size: approx. 2.0x10.5 cm)

1 Plastic pull-out tray

2 Platy metal floors

3 Platy metal ramps

1 3rd-storey floor wire door

2 Metal rails for plastic pull-out tray

4 Casters

24 Long screws

4 Short screws

1 Hexagonal wrench

1 Easy-to-follow assembly instructions


1) This product is a rearing case for pets. Do not use it for other purposes.

2) Make sure the cage assembled properly before use.

3) Different species, individuals or life stages have a lot of difference in such as activity, sizes, and weight. Select the appropriate size and type of cage for your specific pet. Observe well your pet's behavior with a new cage. Be sure that the pet will not break out of the cage.

Ideal for chinchilla, ferret, degu, chipmunk, reptiles, small cats and other small pet animals