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Who we are: about CANADA PET PRODUCTS LTD.

To live together with our customers a productive life that is in harmony with nature and is enriched by pets is the mission we at Canada Pet Products Ltd. endeavor consistently for.


Beautiful nature of Canada is the motivator and undying power source for us. Impressed by the great nature of Canada, we were stimulated to value and make a full utilization of the fruits of the earth with zero waste. In 2005, inspired by a deep, burning wish to feed our pets with the same natural, delicious and safe milk from the magnificent pasture that nurtures our kids, we launched a project to develop milk replacers for pets, which marked the start of Canada Pet Products Ltd.

Aimed at having our new-born puppies and kittens nurtured healthily and vigorously, we focused on improvement and fortification of the digestibility, palatability and immunity function in the milk replacers development. Using latest achievements of the animal nutrition science and state-of-the-art industrial technology, and with repeated test and confirmation for over a year, we developed and introduced successfully our first pet milk products into the market in early 2007. Now our pet milk replacers, with excellent promotion of the pets’ growth and health, are widely appreciated with a high reputation, and are one of the top and long sellers in the industry.


Our business, starting from the milk, is now extensively expanded to a variety of fields including pet, aquarium and livestock. Located at Greater Vancouver, Canada, we at Canada Pet Products Ltd., enjoying a great trust from customers, are now offering various products of high-quality. Our products, made in Canada, Japan, China, Korea and Thailand, are now widely distributed, with a good reputation, across the world.


Rich worldwide business experience of years made us a reliable professional in the industry. To pursue clients' complete satisfaction with our serious quality management is our persistent priority. With "Honesty" as our corporate culture, we are now providing, either under our own brand names or under clients’ private brand names, strictly-selected and managed quality products to our clients around the world.

About Us

* Distributors/wholesalers/dealers who are interested in accomplished quality products are welcomed to ask for becoming our products’ country/area agent. We sincerely hope that we could be your helpful and lasting business partner.

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