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4-storey Small Animal Cage CD710b (without bottom wire net)

Size (dimension):

Approx. 92.5 (W) x 59.0 (D) x 144.8 (H) (incl. the caster) cm

Activity space: Approx. 90.5 (W) x 57.0 (D) x 118.0 (H) cm

Spacing between wires: Approx. 14 mm



NTWT approx. 23.5 kg


Metal and plastic


Made in China

Estimated time required for assembly:

Approx. 30 minutes (when done by two persons).


1) An ample 4-storey small animal cage with access ramps.

2) Sturdy, durable and rust-resistant. The tough frame and good joint offer you peace of mind.

3) Equipped with legs, the cage protects the pet from cold air and stressful vibration/sound. 

4) Spacious enough for small animals loving to move.

5) The metal floors are built in the form of plates to avoid falling down of the pet’s legs.

6) Equipped with casters, movement is comfortable.


1 Back upper wire net

1 Front upper wire net

1 Back lower wire net

1 Front lower wire net

2 Side upper wire nets

1 Right side lower wire net

1 Left side lower wire net

1 Roof wire net

2 Platy metal floors

1 Bottom metal frame

1 Wire net floor

3 Metal ladders

1 Plastic pull-out tray

4 Casters

20 Long screws

6 Short screws

1 Hexagonal wrench

1 Easy-to-follow assembly instructions


1) This product is a rearing case for pets. Do not use it for other purposes.

2) Make sure the cage assembled properly before use.

3) Different species, individuals or life stages have a lot of difference in such as activity, sizes, and weight. Select the appropriate size and type of cage for your specific pet. Observe well your pet's behavior with a new cage. Be sure that the pet will not break out of the cage.

Ideal for ferret and other small animals

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