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Aquarium Thermometer

         Premium Aquarium Thermometer

Features & Benefits:

- This thermometer fits in use of both air and water temperature measurement.

- The digital LCD display is big and easy to read.

- Being able to memorize the Max./Min. temperature measured, this product is very useful in aquarium temperature management.                                       

- A backlight is equipped to make the measurement readable even in the dark.

- Temperature measuring switch between ℃ and °F is equipped.

- With a stand equipped in the back and a hook and loop fastener attached, you can easily locate a suitable space to install.

- With air temperature being measurable, this thermometer is also suitable for reptiles temperature management.                                                        


• Temperature measuring range: -50℃~70℃.

• Resolution: 0.1℃.

• Accuracy: ±1℃(0 ~ 40℃).

• Measurement cycle: Every 4 seconds.

• Power/voltage: DC1.5V, one AAA Alkaline battery.

• Continuous use duration: Approx. 1 year.

• Body size: Approx. 70x15x50mm

• Weight: Approx. 48g      

• Sensor cord length (Incl. sensor): Approx. 100cm

• Attachment:  AAA battery, Hook and loop fastener, Adhesive disc. 

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