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         Arched Roof Bird Cage CD162

Size (dimension):

Approx. 36.4 (W) x 41.0 (D) x 50.0 (H) cm



NTWT approx. 2.1 kg


Metal and plastic


Made in China


1) A stylish arched roof small bird cage. Durable and rust-resistant.

2) Easy maintenance and no mess! A tray is equipped to collect dropped food and feathers.

3) Perches and feed trays are included.


1 Body base

1 Plastic pull-out tray

1 Side wire net

1 Bottom wire net

1 Roof wire net

2 Feed trays

2 Perches

1 Easy-to-follow assembly instructions


1) This product is a rearing case for pets. Do not use it for other purposes.

2) Make sure the cage assembled properly before use.

3) Different species, individuals or life stages have a lot of difference in such as activity, sizes, and weight. Select the appropriate size and type of cage for your specific pet. Observe well your pet's behavior with a new cage. Be sure that the pet will not break out of the cage.

Ideal for java sparrow, parakeet, finch and other small pet birds

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