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Good Goods for Good Pets


To live together with our customers a productive life that is in harmony with nature and is enriched by pets.

Since 2005; Located in Surrey, BC, Canada


Together with our group companies in Japan & China, we have developed and put into market various unique & high-value aquarium & pet products for over 10 years.

Our proprietary products, such as:
Canned Cat Food (Made in Thailand),
Pet Milk Replacer (Made in Canada),
Digital Thermometer (Made in China),
Pet Cages (Made in China),

With their great functions (such as HAIRBALL REMOVAL),
Widely welcomed by the dealers, Greatly loved by the users all over the world 

(Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, EU, and North America).

Main Products & Brands:

  • Canned Cat Food (with special functions):


  • Pet  Milk Replacer for kittens/puppies (from 100% milk protein):


  • Canned Dog Food (with special functions):


  • Aquarium Thermometer (of trustworthiness)

  • Pet Cages

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